The Company Mantra

Flavor – Develop flavors that are enjoyable to the palate and produce the cleanest and smoothest tasting oils on the market with an emphasis on flavor.

Purity – Mixmasters products are all natural terpenes, pesticide free and contain no chemical additives. Our oils are triple distilled for absolute purity.

Reliability – Sell products that give the consumer confidence in what they buy. Our dual ceramic coil cartridges and disposables are made for quality and reliability. We guarantee every product to work or you can take it back to your local dispensary for an exchange. 

Environment – We choose to use glass and metal cartridges and disposables, along with cardboard packaging to minimize our use of plastics in our products.

Understanding Our Products

Our Black Line of products is a high strength line that contains only THC Distillate and Natural Terpenes. The Black Line is currently the strongest of our products. If you are a beginner then we advise only one or two puffs to start.

The White Line is mostly a CBD line that averages a 2:1 CBD to THC Ratio. This is good for beginners or day users who just want something to take the edge off and dip their toe in the water.